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About ABeadC Designs

How It All Started

Wanda fell in love with beads shown to her by her friend from Ghana. She started making necklaces for her own enjoyment, often receiving compliments from other people. She soon was matching her jewelry to her outfits, seeing that she could find nothing she liked in stores. She was enjoying creating jewelry so much, that she decided to share her gift with the rest of the world. And so, ABeadC Designs began...

Products Catalog


The Jewelry

This one-of-a-kind jewelry is designed and created by Wanda Haber-Kucharsky of ABeadC Designs. Each piece is made with unique beads. They are hand made from recycled glass by village artisans from Ghana using a centuries old method. Each bead and bronze piece is distinct. We hope you enjoy them.

ABeadC Designs
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
(416) 256-7527