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CBoard Class Reference

The AI tic-tac-toe board. More...

#include <cboard.h>

Inheritance diagram for CBoard:

Board List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 CBoard (char icon, char otherIcon)
bool makeMove ()
 Make an automated move.


class  Spot
 Represents a spot on a CBoard. More...

Detailed Description

The AI tic-tac-toe board.

This class provides the means to add a computer-controlled player to the game.

See also:
Jesse H-K
Jan 18, 2006

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CBoard::CBoard char  icon,
char  otherIcon


icon assign this as the computer's icon
otherIcon assign this as the opposite of the computer's icon

Member Function Documentation

bool CBoard::makeMove  ) 

Make an automated move.

This method allows for the automation of a computer-player's move based on logical rules. The method will first look for a offensive move and place its icon accordingly. Failing the location of an offensive move, the computer will search for a defensive move eg, a block. Lastly, if there are no other moves, the computer will make a random move on the board, provided that it is an allowable move.

returns true if a move move was made successfully, false otherwise

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